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For corporate professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs looking
to unleash their full potential by living life on purpose &
with purpose.




Feeling stuck in your career and searching for something more meaningful?


So many people struggle to find direction and purpose, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I know, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day grind of our lives that we often forget what really matters. Between juggling work and life obligations, finding time for ourselves can seem impossible, but it's essential if you're looking to live a purposeful life.

In this workshop, you will explore what it means to live a life centered around your passions, doing what you love (and loving what you do) all while creating a massive impact in the world - doing the things that only you are uniquely positioned to do.

No matter where you are in your journey, living a purpose-driven life is possible.

Ready to find your true calling? Join the Unleash Your Purpose Workshop to embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery.


I have created a 4-step framework to help you connect with your inner desires, passions and dreams for your life. Through simple and effective exercises you will reconnect with those dreams that you have likely had for a long time but had either forgotten about, buried them or decided that it wasn’t possible for you to pursue them.

In order to reignite those dreams, this interactive workshop guides you through an intentional, step-by-step process where you give yourself the permission to discover, declare, share and reclaim your vision for your life.


... this isn’t an ordinary workshop,
 it will change your life… FOR GOOD!

This isn’t something you will do once, file away and forget about. In fact, once you start connecting with your purpose, you can’t go backwards. 

Your purpose will act as your North Star and guiding light as you navigate major decisions and opportunities that come your way.

With the clarity you gain from the Unleash Your Purpose Workshop you will be able to face life’s challenges with greater ease and decisiveness, being grounded to what matters to you most - your higher purpose. And as you evolve and grow, so too will your purpose, so that’s why you can come back and revisit it anytime.  

This is THE workshop that has the power to change your life… forever.




1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

2. an intended or desired result; outcome; aim; goal.

So why does discovering
my purpose even matter?

When we live life with purpose, it's like a bridge between us and the universe - creating an understanding of what matters most.


Knowing yourself and why you were put on this planet brings out the best of what life has to offer - for your benefit, as well as those around you. When we figure out our purpose in life, it helps us live with intention and makes how we show up each day powerful!

When you know your purpose and who you are meant to serve, it is an amazing gift that can open up all sorts of possibilities.

Maybe you will finally decide to go all in and exchange your energy-draining day job, for a more intentional, purposeful stride - one that allows you to make the kind of impact you've always envisioned.

If you're looking to get the most out of life, tapping into your inner purpose is an essential step in that direction.




 Meet your coach...

Founder of Futura Funds


I am a startup advisor, business strategist, life coach, keynote speaker and podcast host that coaches corporate professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven careers, businesses and lives.

I spent over two decades working in finance, private equity and commercial real estate, pursuing a career that was outwardly considered successful, with progressive jumps up the ladder rung but inside, I was not fulfilled or happy. That all changed when I decided to pursue the path of entrepreneurship - a path that has been expansive and deeply fulfilling. This journey started because I gave myself the permission to listen to my inner voice and go on a journey to discover my purpose.

Now, as the Founder & CEO of Futura Funds, I leverage my expertise and experience working with hundreds of highly successful companies and startups to empower corporate professionals to connect with their higher calling.

With a Specialization in Strategy from Harvard Business School, MBA and CPA Designation, I take a strategic approach to help you see opportunities beyond the obvious so you can build a career, business and life that excites you while creating massive impact in the lives of others because it aligns with your purpose.

In this FREE Workshop, I am sharing all that I know and have learned so you too can start living your purpose-driven life!

 This is for you if…


  1. You are on a path in life that no longer feels aligned with who you are or what you desire
  2. You are in a job that pays the bills but doesn’t actually motivate or inspire you
  3. You believe that building a life based on your passions is not possible for you (even though you have seen others do it).
  4. You are going through the motions of life, with days, weeks, months and even years passing by without really knowing why you are here or what your life is about
  5. You are unfulfilled & unhappy but you know you are meant for more and that you have so much to offer this world but you feel stuck and unsure of your next step 

And it’s
even MORE for you if…


  1. You want to live with purpose but don’t even know what that means or could look like
  2. You want to make a living doing what you love but you don’t think you can make money doing it
  3. You’ve read all the motivational and self-discovery books but you have yet to actually implement and integrate the concepts in your life


  1. Why Purpose Matters?

    - Deep dive into why living with purpose will change your life
    - 3 Powerful Questions to determine your current state

  2. Brainstorming Activity

    - An exercise that will stretch the limits of your mind
    - Permission to dream big and connect with your inner desires

  3. Futura FLOW Framework

    - 4-step process to unlock your unique purpose
    - Deep reflection questions and prompts at each step

  4. Craft your Purpose Statement

    - Write out the first draft of your own personal purpose statement
    - Access to live coaching and support

What to expect?

1-hour interactive workshop designed to help you discover your purpose so you can get paid to do work that lights you up

A 23-page Workbook that walks you through our Signature FLOW Framework for creating your purpose statement

An opportunity to deep-dive into The Workbook so you can get the clarity you need to craft your unique purpose statement

Bonus activities that will drop you into a space to envision the grandest version of your life.

A safe and supportive environment to go on an inward journey of self-reflection and discovery

The gift of knowing why you are here, so you can start showing up as your best self and living life in your highest capacity!


Attending the Unleash Your Purpose Workshop was an excellent investment of time for me. It was only 1 hour, but I walked away with some excellent questions to consider plus some answers to those questions. More importantly, Farrah is an expert and a professional. I wouldn't take cooking lessons from a terrible cook. Similarly, I won't accept life/career advice from someone without demonstrated success in that arena. Farrah has more than 2 decades of experience in the corporate/finance industry. I know she understands my world. She recognizes that pursuing a passion without the ability to make mortgage payments is not a viable option. Her approach is one that balances happiness with the practical realities of paying our bills. For me, this is what makes her a trust-worthy guide.

- Nelly M.

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