A 4-step Framework to help you
discover your purpose so you can start designing and living an abundant & purpose-driven life


Want to discover your purpose so you can start living life with more fulfillment, abundance and meaning?

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Unleash Your Purpose so you can ...

    Find more meaning in your life and start living a life that is truly fulfilling
    Build a career or business you are insanely passionate about
    Harness your gifts & talents so you can be confident in who you are & what you have to offer
    Serve others in your highest capacity and with a greater sense of purpose

 And, start living the life you were meant to live!

What's Inside the Workbook?

    A 23-page workbook that guides you through steps to discover your purpose

    Guidelines for each of the 4 steps in the Futura Flow Framework

    Examples & writing prompts to help you uncover and write out your own unique purpose statement

    A framework you can use over and over again as you level-up and evolve through each stage and chapter of your life

Hi, I'm Farrah!

I am a startup advisor, business strategist, life coach, keynote speaker and podcast host that coaches corporate professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven careers, businesses and lives.

I spent over two decades working in finance, private equity and commercial real estate, pursuing a career that was outwardly considered successful, with progressive jumps up the ladder rung but inside, I was not fulfilled or happy. That all changed when I decided to pursue the path of entrepreneurship - a path that has been expansive and deeply fulfilling. This journey started because I gave myself the permission to listen to my inner voice and go on a journey to discover my purpose.

Now, as the Founder & CEO of Futura Funds, I leverage my expertise and experience working with hundreds of highly successful companies and startups to empower corporate professionals to connect with their higher calling.

With a Specialization in Strategy from Harvard Business School, MBA and CPA Designation, I take a strategic approach to help you see opportunities beyond the obvious so you can build a career, business and life that excites you while creating massive impact in the lives of others because it aligns with your purpose.

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