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Farrah is a startup advisor, business strategist, life coach, keynote speaker and podcast host that helps corporate professionals and entrepreneurs to launch, grow and scale their purpose-driven businesses.

Farrah spent over two decades working in finance, private equity and commercial real estate, pursuing a career that was outwardly considered successful, with progressive jumps up the ladder rung but inside, she was not fulfilled or happy. That all changed when she decided to pursue the path of entrepreneurship - a path that has been expansive and deeply fulfilling.

Now, as the Founder & CEO of Futura Funds, Farrah leverages her expertise and experience working with hundreds of highly successful companies and startups to empower leaders to connect with their higher calling and design their lives and businesses on purpose & with purpose.

Farrah speaks on global stages and on her podcast, Futura Talks, on the topics of innovation, inclusivity, imposter syndrome, entrepreneurship and leading with purpose.

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Engaging Energy 

As a dynamic and energetic speaker, Farrah derives her energy by engaging with audiences through her vulnerability. Farrah is a captivating speaker with undeniable stage presence who is most known for her ability to relate and connect with audiences authentically.

Corporate Savvy +
 Business Mindset 

As a finance professional having worked nearly two decades in the Commercial Real Estate industry, Farrah speaks the language of your audience. Leveraging her understanding of corporate environments, workplaces and industry, Farrah connects with her audience in a relatable and actionable way.


Farrah is focused on what will be, not what was – she is most excited about supporting innovative leaders who see the world differently and are motivated to build a future that is bright and prosperous for all. When harnessed appropriately, she believes that technology is the great equalizer, removing barriers and creating opportunities for people from all backgrounds globally and she is driven to support the unlocking of those opportunities.

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Sometimes we feel like an imposter because we are trying to belong to someone else's story and definition of success. When we stop and think about what success looks like for ourselves and how we want to define it, then we no longer have to worry if we belong as we are living a story of our own creation.

- Farrah Khimji