Using a purpose-fueled decision model is the most effective way to create the career, business & life you've always desired, unlocking more abundance than you thought possible.


Learn how to move from being stuck in a job or career you are no longer passionate about to building a purposeful and profitable life & career doing work that lights you up!


Consider this masterclass series your permission slip to build life on your own terms - centered around your unique purpose and true calling. You will learn that it is possible to do what you love AND make money doing it, all while creating a massive impact in the lives of others!


During this 3- day masterclass series I'm going to teach you the exact strategies that my most successful clients have used to make bold moves in their lives. From landing their dream job, pivoting their career, starting a side-hustle, launching a new business or taking their existing business to new levels - it’s all possible when you learn these strategies.


March 27, 28 & 29 

1pm-2pm EST


 We start at 1pm on March 27th and I will be sharing an exclusive bonus for those that show up live, online.

If you can't attend all of the sessions live, the recordings will be available for a limited time!

DAY 1: Live a life doing what you love by discovering your life’s purpose

  • Permission to dream big: We will go through some creative brainstorming exercises designed to help you imagine and document the biggest, grandest version of your life - one centered around your passions & true calling
  • Uncover your Purpose: I will walk you through a simple and effective framework that I developed - The Futura FLOW Framework - so you can create your individual purpose statement that will serve as the blueprint to building your purpose-driven life

DAY 2: Rewire your mindset & give yourself permission to live with purpose

  • Release Mindset Roadblocks: We will start by bringing awareness to the limiting beliefs, fears, doubts & feelings of imposter syndrome that have been holding you back. You will understand and acknowledge where they are coming from so you can begin to release them.
  • Create Empowering Beliefs: I will teach you how to replace the beliefs that are no longer serving you with a new set of beliefs that will move you forward so you can make the decision to go all in on your purpose-driven life

DAY 3: Write a new chapter to start living your life’s purpose

  • Chart Your Path Forward: Now that you have declared your purpose, I will share the strategies on how to design your life going forward so you can start to live in alignment with that purpose
  • From Dream to Reality: It’s time to take your dream life into the real world with aligned actions, intentions and beliefs. You will leave with a greater sense of clarity and direction on how to move forward on your journey to a purpose-driven life.

This masterclass is for you if...

You’re feeling stuck


You are in a job that pays the bills but doesn’t actually motivate or inspire you and because of this, days, weeks, months & even years are passing by without you really knowing why you are here or what your life is about.

You're searching for more


You're on a path in life that no longer feels aligned and you desire more, BUT, you believe that building a life and making money doing what you love is not possible for you (even though you have seen others do it).

You’re ready to level up


You’re ready to live with purpose & on purpose, even though you are not totally sure what that could look like, you are ready to take action because you know you are meant for more and that you have so much to offer this world!

Here’s what my clients have to say about participating in this masterclass:


Meet Your Instructor,

Hi, I’m Farrah!

I am a startup advisor, business strategist, life coach, keynote speaker and podcast host that coaches corporate professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to build purpose-driven careers, businesses and lives.

I spent over two decades working in finance, private equity and commercial real estate, pursuing a career that was outwardly considered successful, with progressive jumps up the ladder rung but inside, I was not fulfilled or happy. That all changed when I decided to pursue the path of entrepreneurship - a path that has been expansive and deeply fulfilling. This journey started because I gave myself the permission to listen to my inner voice and go on a journey to discover my purpose.

Now, as the Founder & CEO of Futura Funds, I leverage my expertise and experience working with hundreds of highly successful companies and startups to empower corporate professionals to connect with their higher calling.

With a Specialization in Strategy from Harvard Business School, MBA and CPA Designation, I take a strategic approach to help you see opportunities beyond the obvious so you can build a career, business and life that excites you while creating massive impact in the lives of others because it aligns with your purpose.

 In this free masterclass series,

I am sharing all that I know and have learned so you too can start living your purpose-driven life!



March 27, 28 & 29 | 1pm-2pm EST